Best Landline Phones For Seniors 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Landline Phones for Senior

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageAT&T CL4940
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Features for visual impairment
ptsntbl-table__imageiSoHo Phones
  • Big button for easy dialing
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Simple to use
ptsntbl-table__imageFuture Call FC-1507
  • Big button for easy dialing
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Flash key for call waiting
ptsntbl-table__imageFuture Call FC-0613
  • Memory Dialing
  • Amplified phone for hearing impaired seniors
  • One touch dialing
ptsntbl-table__imagePanasonic Cordless Phones
  • Expandable Panasonic Cordless Phone with Answering Machine
  • More Features to Enjoy
  • Interference-Free, Secure Phone Signal

Senior citizens above 70 aren’t as kicked about iPhones as the rest of us! Any smartphone can be too challenging for an elderly senior citizen, and this is only exacerbated if they have a cognitive or memory struggle as well.

Getting a really good landline phone with large buttons and elder-friendly features can be great for senior citizens. It eliminated the technology-frustration and lets them talk to their kids and grandkids. My mother has early-stage dementia and was so comforted once we installed a landline phone! She no longer confuses the TV remote for her old cordless phone, and we have no worries about her dropping the phone anymore.

But just because you’re choosing a landline phone, it doesn’t mean you’re going backward in terms of technology. With call blocking, call forwarding, and call recording and text-to-speech facilities, the landline phones on this list may look like an old phone, but are modern in every sense of the word.

If you’re unsure of which one to pick, this Future Call landline is a great option.

Top 6 Best Landline Phones For Seniors 2022

1. AT&T CL4940

AT&T CL4940

Best Office Style Phone (Best for Seniors above 60)

This is what you would call a ‘classic landline phone’. It’s made in the regular office style, specially designed to look like what senior citizens spent a majority of their life using. But it’s not just the old-school style that makes it a good landline phone for seniors.

There are plenty of senior-friendly features in this landline phone. This includes Audio Assist, a handy feature that has tweakable settings for hearing-impaired seniors with a really loud maximum volume. It’s also compatible with hearing aids, filtering out extra ambiance noise. This noise reduction technology and amplified sound goes a long way in the audio clarity on phone calls.

The digital answering system works well, and most people will appreciate the backlit display. I like that it’s bright enough for easy viewing and warm color as opposed to a harsh blue light (which has been proven to promote insomnia in seniors!). There’s a talking caller ID and a built-in phone book directory for 50 contacts. It can work well with other phones on the same line too.


  • Affordable price.
  • Bright but not harsh backlit display.
  • Medium-large buttons
  • Both table and wall-mounting options
  • Call history of more than 50 calls
  • Built-in answering machine
  • Great battery life
  • Dialing calls is easy
  • Visual ringing indicator for hearing impaired
  • Interference-free communication
  • Bilingual caller id (English, French, and Spanish)


  • No ‘hold call’ feature
  • No way to block calls for those unwanted calls
  • The white model gets sent with a black cable


2. iSoHo Phones

Best Princess Style Phone

iSoHo Phones

My mother has always been nostalgic for the 60s: and I knew she’d love the princess-style phone! This is the only phone system on the list that I ended up keeping since it suited our requirements so well. Apart from being stylish and retro, this is also a great handset and base unit for the elderly. I love the curly cord, and the plastic exterior comes in vibrant colors.

It definitely serves its calling function: while there’s no backlist keypad or screen, it’s perfect for those who don’t need extra features apart from convenient dialing. My mother struggles with early dementia and needs to be able to quickly identify a wall-hanging phone from the TV remote and her wheelchair remote!

However, I know I will have to switch to a better landline set with extra-large backlit keys or pictures once her dementia progresses. This is the ideal landline for your senior family member that can still see and hear very well and is high functioning. Once they start needing more help, they’ll also need a landline set more suited to them. I would suggest this option for seniors around the age of 60-70. Your mother pushing 90 may struggle with this one!


  • Retro style with attractive color options
  • Medium-sized buttons
  • Can adjust the ringer volume
  • Good sound quality
  • Optimal battery performance
  • Works with standard landline service
  • Made from long-lasting ABS plastic
  • Has hearing aid compatibility.
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • Trimline corded phone


  • No display screen
  • Rather small, not suited for those with visual impairments
  • Incoming call ringer is not very loud
  • Can’t set voice mail


3. Future Call FC-1507

Best Big Keys (Best for Seniors above 70)

Future Call FC-1507

This landline phone is perfect for elderly seniors who either have visual impairment or cognitive decline issues. Like all the other phones on this list, it’s designed with hearing aid compatibility to make it convenient for older people to use it.

You’ll notice a red-colored button on this landline phone — it’s to help make an emergency call, and is preprogrammed to call 911. Do not test this out, because it will definitely work and you’ll have a disgruntled police offer at your doorstep! Knowing that the button is going to work even if the phone is unplugged from the line will help you rest easy. Speed dialing is a handy feature as well.

If you need a landline phone that can just make calls without any frills, this is perfect. When I say the buttons are large, I mean it. They’re super-sized: and extremely easy to press for even the most elderly and challenged seniors. The ringer is extremely loud, to the point of annoying the neighbors if your senior gets multiple calls!

This is the landline phone that many nursing homes will install: so that should tell you enough!


  • It has extra-large buttons
  • 911 emergency caller red button
  • Redial button
  • Speed dialing option available
  • Digital answering machine
  • Lift phone easily
  • Message counter
  • Recorded messages
  • Really loud ringer – 40decibels


  • No display screen, only buttons
  • Landline set is not heavy enough to stay put, is prone to falling down if the cord is yanked


4. Future Call FC-0613

Best Picture Phone for Dementia Patients

Future Call FC-0613

While your beloved parent with dementia might refer to your daughter with a “Who’s Lucy?” and break your heart a little, they’re not likely to forget faces as easily. Here’s where a picture landline like this can be an amazing phone for them. Having super-sized buttons with large photographs on them is great for them to speed dial whoever they need to speak to.

You can program 10 numbers in the keys 1-9 and 0, and then insert pictures in each button. This makes it really easy for your senior to speed dial any of them. However, there’s also a standard dialing option, but you will have to switch dialing modes in order to place a regular call by pressing numbers.

This is definitely one of the best picture phones you’ll find in the market. With red-colored 911 emergency reprogrammable buttons, this land phone can save your senior family members during a medical emergency.

However, you might have to set it up yourself. This would be difficult to install for someone with impairments or cognitive decline (especially a dementia patient!). Pushing the pictures in each button requires a bit of patience and skill (and maybe a nail file or a similar tool)

You can even control the ringer volume with high, low, and off options. The quiet mode is a useful feature to have and is the only phone on this list to have it. It’s a phone that has been specially designed for elderly people in memory care facilities.


  • Extra-large buttons that have photo-frames for easy memory dialing
  • Specially designed for elderly and disabled people.
  • Memory store switch and 911 emergency button
  • Re-dial key
  • LED powered backlit keypad
  • Handy features for dementia patients
  • It allows you to control ringer volume.
  • Mute option (quiet mode)


  • No voicemail


5. Panasonic Cordless Phones

Perfect Cordless Phone

Panasonic Cordless Phones

Sometimes a cordless phone is a way better fit for a senior citizen as compared to a landline phone. This cordless phone has a Bluetooth system and an answering machine. This one actually has not one, not two, but five handsets! That’s the ideal cordless phone for me — one where you don’t have to keep buying new handsets if they get misplaced.

It’s also great to keep one handset in each room, so your beloved senior doesn’t need to travel all the way downstairs every time that damned phone rings! A lot of accidents happen when seniors try to hurry to the phone before it stops ringing.

The best cordless phones for seniors have LED-backlit systems, and this one is no exception. You actually get better interference-free audio quality with less background noise on this cordless handset: and it’ll even work during a power outage.

Unfortunately, most cordless phones don’t sport big buttons, and that’s my only gripe. If this cordless phone system had bigger buttons, it would’ve been a good fit for the super seniors in my family who like to carry their phones around for ease.


  • Voice assistant
  • It will work for emergency calls even during power outages.
  • Loud and clear sound with noise reduction facility for elders.
  • Bilingual talking caller ID (English and Spanish)
  • Made with high-quality ABS plastic.
  • Corded phone system
  • Multiple handsets


  • Doesn’t have big buttons


6. Clarity Alto 54005.001

Clarity Alto 54005.001

Loudest Ringer Landline Phone

This is the best landline phone for super senior citizens with a hearing disability, period. You’re not going the find another landline phone that has an extra-loud ringtone of 100db! 100db, that’s loud, trust me. It’s so loud that it’s going to startle everyone around you but very useful for seniors who live alone (in a big house!)

There are big keys for easy dialing and also smaller one-touch dialing keys for speed dial. This is also a very large base, and so heavy that it doesn’t move around easily. The regular incoming volume is 53b, which is still reasonably loud and can be easily heard around a house.

Designed with a loudspeaker, this phone cleans up sound while reducing background noise for clearer conversations. It has some additional features like redial, flash, pause, and mute keys. Even though it is corded, it comes with a battery backup option so it can be used during a power outrage.


  • It has a power backup battery.
  • You can change the volume from 53 db to 100 db.
  • Designed with audio assist option, pause, and mute button.
  • Talking caller id for seniors having trouble hearing
  • Two handsets
  • Specially designed for senior citizens


  • No display, so no caller ID
  • Slightly higher-range priced


Which Phone System to Choose for your Senior Citizen?

Not all phone systems made for senior citizens are made equally. There are a couple of different types in the market, and each type is made for an age group of seniors in mind.

Cordless Phones (Age 60-70)

Cordless phones are great for seniors who live alone, ideally between the ages of 60-70. The buttons tend to be smaller, so it may not be the right choice for someone with visual impairments. However, they do come in LED-backlit options as well as louder ringtones for senior citizens.

If you opt for one with multiple handsets, this can make life easier as well, since they don’t have to travel too much to answer the call, and handsets can be kept all around the house. Here’s a great option.

Landlines with Super Large Buttons (Ages 70 )

A landline with super large buttons is best for a super senior with visual impairments or poor eyesight. We don’t want them to have to fish around for their reading glasses every time they need to make a phone call. It’s also great for those with Parkinson’s since big buttons are easier to press for shaky hands.

However, this wouldn’t work for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients who tend to forget phone numbers. Here’s a great option.

Landline with Pictures (Ages 70 and/or Dementia/Alzheimers)

A landline set with the option to add pictures on each button is perfect for a senior citizen struggling with memory decline. They may not be able to remember multiple phone numbers but will recognize faces from pictures and can easily dial who they want to.

This should come with fair warning: having pictures on buttons makes it very easy for the patient to dial people 100s of times in a day because they do not remember having prior conversations! It’s recommended to install this for your senior in a memory home or nursing home where they will be monitored.

Here’s a great option.

FAQs on Landline Phones For Seniors

1. What’s the best Cordless Phone for Seniors?

Here’s the best cordless phone for seniors. It comes with five handsets and an answering system with the audio assist. Having a cordless phone with more than two handsets can be a big blessing for your senior citizen in mind, and make convenient calling part of their day!

However, cordless phones can be easy to misplace and don’t always have buttons that are big enough for senior citizens.

2. What Are Some Different Types Of Landline Phones?

There are 2 main types of landline phones you are going to find in the market:
– Corded Phones: These phones come in both table and wall mountable designs. They’re the most affordable phones you’re going to find in the market. They have all the necessary features a landline phone should have and look exactly like the landlines your seniors remember from their days!

– Cordless Phones: You’ll also find cordless phones in the market. They tend to be higher priced and can have more than one handset, but don’t always have big enough buttons for visually impaired patients. The battery life is also something to consider with a cordless phone since the owner needs to remember to charge them or they’ll die out.

3. What is the normal life of a Cordless landline phone?

A normal cordless landline phone lives for nearly 1-2 years. If you are maintaining it properly it will last for this long without giving you issues. It can last for more time as well in some cases. Remember that the lifeline does not equate to battery life! Battery life is not so long and the handsets may need to be charged every so often, maybe every few weeks, depending on the usage.

4. Why can’t senior citizens use cell phones?

A cell phone can be too complicated for the senior members of your family. They grew up using older technology like landlines, and learning how to use a smartphone at an advanced age can be too difficult for them (especially if they suffer from cognitive decline issues).

Cell phones are also much more expensive, which can be an issue when you have to replace them often! Elderly folk tend to have less control over their motor skills and can drop their cell phones or lose them now and then. Having a corded landline phone that won’t go anywhere is good for you, and for them.

Choose the best landline phones for the senior members of your family!

There’s nothing that elderly folk want more than to be able to talk to their children and grandchildren. Especially if they’re in a nursing home and memory home, they can feel terribly isolated and alone. A phone call is usually the highlight of their day: and they deserve a landline phone that is easy to use.

If you’re unsure of which one to pick, this Future Call landline is a great option

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