Best Cell Phone For Seniors With Dementia 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Cell Phones for Seniors with Dementia

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageSnapfon EzTwo 3
  • Standby time 90-120 hours
  • SOS button plays a loud siren and connects emergency contacts
  • Big buttons makes it easy to use
ptsntbl-table__imageEasyfone Prime A1
  • Classic flip design to directly answer calls
  • Special SOS button for emegency
  • Cutting Edge M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatibility
ptsntbl-table__imageJitterbug Smart 2
  • Large touch screen makes it easy to use
  • Simple and large menu for easy navigation
  • 13MP Camera for quality video calls
ptsntbl-table__imageAlcatel Quickflip
  • Standby time of up to 16 days
  • Crystal clear calls and reduced background noise
  • Sleek flip design helps answer calls directly
ptsntbl-table__imageMosthink Uniwa
  • Big buttons makes it easy to use for elderly
  • Big volume let's you never miss a single call
  • 10 Days standby time

Today’s cell phones are pretty complex and advance, but do you think that they are apt for senior citizens with dementia. Dementia is a condition that is most commonly found in senior citizens and is characterized by factors that trigger memory loss, thinking abilities, and skills that hamper their day-to-day activities. Therefore it becomes important for the near and dear ones of the seniors facing such conditions to use devices specially made for them like the best cell phone for seniors with dementia.

The best cell phone for seniors with dementia features an SOS button that can notify their loved ones and the emergency services when pressed in case of crises. If you are looking for an easy-to-use tech like a cell phone for your aged father, mother, or your loved ones, but aren’t sure where to start, then the following guide can help you.

Top 10 Best Cell Phone For Seniors With Dementia 2022

1. Jitterbug Flip

Jitterbug Flip Best Cell Phone For Senior

The Jitterbug Flip cell phone is thoughtfully made for seniors especially those who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The phone is very simple to use as the two big Yes and No navigation buttons make the functioning easy. One of the best things about this phone is that there are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees if you stop using the phone.

The backlit keypad makes it extremely easy for the users to dial the numbers easily even in the dark. The phone features a built-in camera with a flash that allows you to click and share your moments. What makes this phone one of the best in the market is the one-touch access to the 5-star button which connects you to the health and safety professionals within no time. The phone also features a link app that keeps your near and dear ones to keep a check on your health and safety.


  • Easy to use
  • Big buttons and large screen
  • Emergency 5 Star button for 24/7 healthy and safety help
  • Camera with a flash
  • Powerful speaker
  • No contracts or cancellation fees


  • Poor battery life
  • Issues with network connectivity
  • Poor customer service

2. Snapfon ezTWO 3

Snapfon ezTWO 3

The Snapfon ezTWO 3 is specially designed by keeping in mind the ease of use for the senior citizen and for those who are looking for budget-friendly options. This phone feature is apt for those who are looking for a voice-only solution. The design of the phone is old-school and pretty simple, as you’ll find a small LCD screen and big rubbery numbers on the phone’s surface.

On the sides of the phone, you can buttons for volume control, camera, flashlight, and keypad lock. The Sos-Plus Mobile Monitoring Service offered by Snapfon ezTWO 3g is one of the best features as it offers 24/7 emergency services with just a press of the SOS button which is located on the back of the phone. The 30-day No-risk trial offered by the company is one of the best things as you won’t find many companies offering it.


  • Affordably priced
  • Connect easily with 5 emergency contact with an SOS button
  • Amazing battery life
  • Speaking keypad
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • Low Battery warning system
  • Keypad lock
  • Compatible with most hearing aid devices


  • The speakerphone is not that loud
  • No voice commands or no voice dialing
  • Headset clarity is not that clear

3. Easyfone Prime A1

Easyfone Prime A1

Easyfone Prime A1 is a feature-packed phone that boasts of big font, big screen, archetypal flip design, speed dial buttons, and lots more. The best part about this phone is the easy-to-use operating system and SOS assistance. With the SOS assistance, the users can set five emergency contacts who will get notified via message in case of any emergency.

Besides this, the phone features two screens a main 2.4-inch main screen and a 1.4-inch external display that showcases the time and date, messages, reminders, alarms, calls, etc. The phone is compatible with most hearing aid devices and also features a high brightness torch that can be useful at night. The cradle charger makes it easier for the seniors to charge their phone as they have to place the phone on the dock.


  • Big buttons enable easy dialing
  • Compatible with hearing aids
  • Comes with a dock charger
  • SOS emergency button
  • High-quality speakers
  • Built-in FM Radio


  • Costly when compared to competitors
  • Poor battery life
  • Connectivity issues with T-Mobile network

4. Jitterbug Smart 2

Jitterbug Smart

The Jitterbug Smart 2 is for seniors who are comfortable with touchscreen phones. The phone features a 5.5-inch display that makes it easier for the users to read and the size is perfect to fit in anyone’s hand. The menu is well organized and simple which makes it easier for people with dementia to use it with extreme ease. The 5Star button is a blessing as it enables the users to seek emergency help in case of any situation.

The 13-megapixel camera allows you to capture high-quality images and share them easily with your loved ones. The Jitterbug Smart 2 has an amazing battery life which gives you 12 hours of talk time and 17 hours of standby time. The voice typing feature of this phone is also pretty amazing, all you have to do is just speak into the phone and it gets displayed on the screen.


  • Features a big touch screen
  • No contract or cancellation fees
  • Impressive 13-megapixel camera
  • Organized menu and easy navigation
  • Voice typing feature
  • Comes with a 5Star button for emergencies
  • Incredible battery life


  • Poor customer care service
  • As it’s a smartphone it can confuse many senior citizens

5. Alcatel Quickflip

Alcatel Quickflip

The easy to use Alcatel Quickflip 4044C features an icon-based menu, a larger display, and bigger buttons that make it easier for the users to navigate. Leave the worries of charging your phone frequently as this phone boasts of a 1350mAh battery. This lightweight and durable phone are 4G LTE compatible that allows you to surf the web on the go and can also be connected to Wi-Fi.

The call quality of this phone is amazing as the users can experience crystal clear HD voice with every call. Besides this, the phone also features a 2 mega-pixel camera that allows you to click photos and videos on the go. The phone also features a 2.8-inch main screen that has a QVGA display and the 1.4-inch external screen has a color display.


  • Features 4G LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Amazing battery life
  • The rear speaker is amazingly loud
  • Call quality is incredible
  • Large display and keypad
  • Affordably priced


  • The camera doesn’t feature a flash
  • The camera doesn’t have an autofocus
  • The body is thick
  • Not compatible with Sprint or Verizon Network
  • The vibration of the phone is pretty weak

6. Mosthink Uniwa

Mosthink Uniwa

The easy-to-use unlocked cell phone for seniors by Mosthink is feature-packed as it boasts of many easy and useful functions. This phone has big, wide, and separated buttons thus making it easier for the seniors to see and operate. Besides this, the phone has a backlit keypad that makes the buttons easily visible at night. On the top right of the phone, you can find a quick switch for the flashlight which is super bright and can be useful for elderly people to walk in the night.

One of the keys but an unnoticed feature of the phone is the big loudspeaker and ringer volume that allows elderly people to hear more clearly. Besides this, the phone features a 1400 mAh battery that can be used for 6 hours while talking and for 10 days as standby. The SOS button is available on the backside of the phone and when it is pressed for five seconds, the phone will send messages and automatically call five preset numbers. This can be very helpful during emergencies.


  • SOS Speed Dial
  • Incredible battery life
  • Clear and loud volume
  • No annual contracts
  • Comes with a charging stand


  • Disappointing sound quality
  • The build quality could have been better
  • Charging issues with stand

7. Jethro 3G

Jethro 3G

The classic slider cell phone for seniors and kids by Jethro is tested to meet the standards set by IC and FCC. The phone features a large 2.4-inch bright LCD screen that makes it easier for elderly people to see, read, and operate. The SC435 is compatible with most of the 2G Gsm and 3G WCDMA networks in Canada and North America.

One of the unique features of this phone is the speaking keypad which allows you to text by speaking into the phone while you can see the message on the screen. The SOS button is really helpful in case of emergencies as the cell phone automatically dials six contacts and sends them an SOS message. Besides this, the Jethro 3g SC435 also features a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, speed dial, M1 and M2 direct dial, loudspeakers, and it also supports 16 languages.


  • Speaking Keyboard
  • Comes with a fast-charging dock
  • Supports 16 languages
  • M1 and M2 direct dial
  • SOS Panic Button
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Amazing Battery life
  • Large screen, bigger buttons, and excellent loudspeaker


  • Connectivity issues with Bluetooth
  • Confusing Text predictive system (Turn it off manually)

8. Easyfone Prime A4

Easyfone Prime A4

The Easyfone Prime A4 is an unlocked and easy-to-operate cell phone specially designed for elderly people. The phone has lots of useful features like photo speed dialing, big buttons, loud volume, crystal clear voice calls, and lots more. The phone also features a 1500 mAh battery that provides an incredible standby time of maximum of 7 days.

The cradle charger that comes with this cell phone, makes it easier for the user to charge the phone, all they have to do is place the phone on the charging stand. One wonderful feature that impresses is GPS positioning. When you press the SOS button during an emergency it sends a message with your GPS location to your preset contacts.

The Pinnie Talkie App is one amazing feature when downloaded by the smartphone users in your family that allows them to enjoy useful functions like sports monitoring, remote reminder, Easy Talk through Voice chat, etc. This keeps your loved ones informed about the cell phone user’s activities without affecting their privacy.


  • Incredible Battery life
  • Comes with a cradle charger
  • GPS positioning
  • An easy to use operating-system
  • SOS Emergency button
  • Compatible with hearing aid devices
  • Sports monitoring (Pedometer)


  • Doesn’t have Wifi-capability
  • Plastic made

9. Emporia Solid

Emporia Solid

The rugged Emporia Solid Plus V33i for seniors is dust, vibration, thermal shock, and water-resistant cell phone. The materials used to manufacture this rugged phone are of high-quality, so leave all your worries like scratching the phone or damaging it due to accidental falls. This cell phone comes with a 1750 mAh Li-ion battery that can provide the user with 5 hours of talk time.

The lightweight phone measures 4.69 x 2.36 x 0.71 inches and comes with features like Bluetooth, an easy-to-use operating system, flashlight, extra-large buttons, etc. This phone is apt for those who are looking for basic voice and text-only options. The cellphone is compatible with most hearing aid devices available in the market. One thing that makes this phone a worthy option is the SOS button, which will notify your loved ones and emergency services via text and phone calls in the time of any crisis.


  • Impressive battery life
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Compatible with most hearing aid devices
  • Emergency SOS button


  • Does not work with CDMA network like Virgin, Verizon, etc.

10. IP68 Waterproof 

IP68 Waterproof 

The IP68 waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof unlocked cell phones for seniors is made with the help of high-quality materials. The reinforced die-cast frame makes this phone rugged enough to withstand high and low temperatures, water, and reliability tests. So don’t worry about the scratches and damages from unwanted accidental drops. IP68 features a 2.8-inch impact-resistant display, large buttons, LED super bright flashlight, large characters, FM radio, and lots more.

This phone has one of the best battery life, as the 2800 mAh powerful battery provides a standby time of up to 15 days. The speakers are loud enough for the users to miss any call. The SOS button allows elderly people to make calls and send messages to preset contacts during the time of emergencies. Besides this, the phone features a 2-megapixel camera, 64 GB RAM, and a 128 MB ROM.


  • Rugged Phone
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof
  • Incredible battery life
  • Large screen
  • SOS Panic Button
  • Powerful Flashlight
  • Inbuilt FM radio


  • No Wi-Fi
  • Not friendly enough for seniors

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Cell Phone For Seniors With Dementia

Buying the best cell phone for seniors with dementia is extremely important to ensure their safety, as people with such conditions may not remember the phone numbers. Such a phone allows the users to dial by clicking on the saved photo instead of numbers. Plus such phones boast of an SOS panic button, which can come in very handy in case of emergencies. Outlined below are a few factors that can help you to make your selection process easy.

1. Define Your Use

Start with making the list of features that you want on your phone. Features like the SOS button, large screen, bigger buttons, backlit keypad, voice texting, and so on. This will allow you to shortlist the phones based on the functions.

2. Choose The Type Of Phone

Here you have two options a basic phone or a smartphone. Well, there are very limited options when it comes to a smartphone for dementia patients, but there are lots of options when it comes to basic phones. It is always advisable to opt for basic phones as the functions of smartphones can confuse dementia patients. You can opt for a classic flip phone or a standard bar phone beside it that meets your requirements.

3. Take A Trail

It becomes important for you to take your elderly father, mother, or your loved ones to the store and ask them to test the phone. This is to ensure whether they are comfortable with the phone or not. Some may find the ring volume too low, some may find the button too small for their fingers, some face issues with the voice quality, and so on, so taking a trial or a test drive of the phone is very essential.

4. Check The Reviews

Once you are shortlisted with quite a few phones, it’s time to check the reviews of the phone. You can browse the web and read the legitimate reviews posted by the users or their loved ones, this allows you to understand the various pros and cons of the phone. Based on the reviews and results of the test drive, you can select the phone that best suits the needs of the seniors.

5. Check The Warranty And Return Policy

The warranty and return policy of the company also plays an important role while selecting the best cell phone for seniors with dementia. Almost every company has a no-questions-asked policy of 14 to 30 days, so select the carrier or brand that allows you to return your phone for whatsoever reasons.

Besides this, check the warranty period as well, as it protects you from any manufacturing defect. Here the cell phone provider is bound to repair or replace the phone in case of any issues with the phone.

6. Choose The Type Of Plan

Choosing the right plan is very important here, but before you select any big or small provider it becomes important to check whether there’s any network coverage at your place. You can ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc whether their phone works properly at your place or not. Once you shortlist a couple of providers then you can compare the features of the plan and select the one that suits your needs.

Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

There are various providers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Jitterbug, Boost Mobile, etc. that provide specially made plans for seniors. All the plans have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore it becomes important to research various plans and select the one that’s the best one for you. Outlined below are some references to the plans provided by the service providers.

1. Gophone Daily Plan By AT&T

Best for seniors who are just looking for basic use i.e. voice and text only. The approx rate of the plan is $2 per day.

2. Jitterbug

The plans offered by Jitterbug which is also known as ‘GreatCall’ and it starts from $14.99 for approximately 200 minutes of use.

3. Pay As You Go Plan By T-Mobile

This plan is best for the seniors who are looking forward to using a cell phone only for emergency use. The Pay AS YOU GO Plan by T-Mobile starts from $3 a month for phone calls not exceeding 30 mins or 30 text messages. If you exceed the preset limit of the plan, then you will be charged 10 cents per minute or text.

4. Consumer Cellular

This USA-based company offers wonderful plans for seniors and it doesn’t matter whether you are using a basic cell phone or a high-end one. Low pricing, discounts for AARP members, various plan options, etc. are some of the benefits of using the services offered by Consumer Cellular. The basic plan starts from $20 a month which covers unlimited texts, 250MB of cellular data, and 250 minutes of talk time.

FAQs on Cell Phone For Seniors With Dementia

1. Should A Person Facing Alzheimer’s Or Dementia Condition Use A Cell Phone?

Yes, it is very important for people facing such conditions to use a cell phone. This is because almost all the cell phones for seniors come with an SOS or panic button which notifies the health and service experts and the preset contacts of the users in case of an emergency.

2. How to Find The Best Cell Phone For Seniors With Dementia?

With so many options to choose from, it can be a confusing task to select the right one. Well, you can start by looking out for some key important features like the bigger buttons, larger display, enhanced volume, hearing aid compatibility, easy-to-use operating system, and lots more. Such features are specially designed for seniors with dementia and it makes it extremely easy for them to use it.

3. Which Carrier Is Used By Jitterbug Phone?

Jitterbug phones make use of MVNO i.e. ‘Mobile Virtual Network Operator’ that is managed by Great Call that uses Verizon’s network. This network is compatible with CDMA cell phones and LTE bands.

4. Why Seniors With Dementia Need To Seek Help With Their Cell Phones?

Using a new cell phone can always be hard initially, especially if you have not used similar phones before. Just imagine, how difficult would it be for elderly people with dementia condition to figure out all the functions and features.

There are lots of important and useful features like voice chat, voice texting, SOS button, etc. that elderly people should know as it becomes easier for them to operate the phone. Making them understand the importance of the SOS button and how to use it in times of emergency is also very important.

5. Are Cell Phones For Seniors With Dementia Easy To Use?

Yes, they have few features, and large text and buttons thus they are much more comfortable to use.

6. What Is Emergency Button In These Types Of Phones?

The emergency button is specially designed for the cell phones of senior citizens so that they can easily auto-dial any specific number at the time of emergency.

Best Cell Phones For Seniors With Dementia – The Bottom Line

As there are numerous options available in the market when it comes to the best cell phones for seniors with dementia, it is advisable to look out for models that have an easy-to-use operating system, bigger buttons, and a brighter and larger screen. These are the three basic factors that very important to consider while choosing the best option.

Besides there, you have to think about emergency medical situations as well considering their age, therefore it becomes important to opt for a phone that features the SOS button. The selection of the right network provider and plan is also important, look for plans that cover the support of health and safety experts in case of emergencies. Therefore, look into all the factors or pick up the best cell phones from our list for your senior members in home to keep them safe and keep them connected.

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