Best Bras For Older Women 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks of Bras for Older Women

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageBali Women’s Comfort Revolution DF3463
  • Wireless Comfort
  • Designed with a no ride up back.
  • Smooth back rolls
ptsntbl-table__imagePlaytex Women’s Original Comfort 18 Hour Bra US4693
  • Adjustable closure
  • Cool Comfort moisture-wicking fabric
  • Help relieve pressure on the shoulders and prevent dig-in.
ptsntbl-table__imageBali Double Support Wireless Bra DF3820
  • Adjustable closure
  • Cool Comfort moisture-wicking fabric
  • Wide straps designed to stay in place.
ptsntbl-table__imageBali Women’s Passion DF3385
  • Silky smooth lining pampers your skin
  • Easy-on-you straps adjust in back
  • Adjustable closure
ptsntbl-table__imagePlaytex Women’s Wirefree Bra US4745
  • Cool Comfort fabric to help keep you cool
  • Full Coverage lining
  • Unique uplifting bra

As if shopping for bras wasn’t tough enough, shopping for lingerie as an older woman is a whole different ball game! You simply can’t wear those wired “sexy” bras anymore, the super-push up or the balconettes. Your skin is much more sensitive and delicate as you age, and our bodies change too.

You might find that none of your old bras fit you anymore, and that’s perfectly normal. Our bodies are capable of many wonderful things! Years of childbirth or strenuous physical activity as well as natural aging: our breasts have been through it all.

Finding the right bra as an older woman has been a challenge for me (to say the least!) and I believe I’ve found some great products that are comfortable without looking frumpy or boring.

Most of these products have young and slim models, so I’m going to ask you to go ahead and ignore that. The modeling industry isn’t ready for attractive older women models — but that’s a conversation for another day! I’ve personally reviewed these products myself, so don’t worry about them being suited for older women. You’ll find a section for every different kind of bra in this article, but if you want a quick recommendation, I’d suggest the Playtex 18 Hour Original Comfort Bra.

Top 10 Best Everyday Wear Bras For Older Women

One of the biggest challenges for me was to find a good bra that I can wear every day — the kind that has moisture-wicking fabric and is so comfortable that I can forget I’m even wearing it. Everyday bras tend to be less-than-sexy, but who cares when you’re up and about on your day? Let’s save the fancy underwire underwear for those rare special occasions, and stop putting our girls through daily torture. These are my top picks for everyday bras.

Bali is a really reliable brand for this kind of bra, and I’ve chosen the top 3 styles that I alternate between on a daily basis.

1. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution DF3463

Our Top Pick

Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution DF3463

This is the perfect wireless bra if comfort is on your mind. Just like the name “Comfort Revolution”, it’s tough to switch back to the old wired push-up bra after spending a few hours in this one. I’ve found this extremely comfortable to wear all day long, and I’ll take the occasional afternoon nap in it while being in absolute comfort.

The buckle closure is provided at the back that makes the bra secure. It also makes it easier to wear. I’m a fan of the traditional hook and eye closure since bralette styles have to be worn over the head like a t-shirt (and I hate wrestling into clothes).

The sizes available range from 32B to 42DD and this is definitely an inexpensive product. I like that the padding cups are thick enough so you don’t have any nipple show through the fabric. There’s a bit of spandex in the fabric mix, so if you’re worried about sagging, these will definitely provide that lift.

Here are the drawbacks: it’s definitely not a sexy bra, but it’s also not as frumpy as some of the other bras out there. This is something you wear for comfort alone, but can still feel quite confident in (especially in some of the nicer colors). But while providing support and lift, it does flatten you out a bit, so women with bigger sizes looking for a bit of flattening might appreciate this more.


  • No cutting in the shoulders
  • Great everyday bra
  • Great sleeping bra
  • Ultra-thin foam cups yet the nipples remain well-covered
  • Two-ply material provides back support


  • Can slightly flatten you out


2. Playtex Women’s Original Comfort 18 Hour Bra US4693

Best Premium Bra/Best High-End Bras For Older Women

Playtex Women’s Original Comfort 18 Hour Bra US4693

Playtex is a trusted brand for women’s inner garments and usually delivers great quality comfortable bras that are ideal for older women. The Playtex Women’s Original Comfort bra does exactly this. It’s designed for 18 hours of comfortable wear. In my experience, I don’t want to wear a bra for 18 hours, but it is definitely one of the more comfortable options in the market.

The largest cup size in this style is a band size of 52 and all band sizes are up to DD. I know my readers with larger breasts would prefer a cup size that goes up to either G or F, so this wouldn’t be right for them. Because this bra is full-coverage, it doesn’t look the cutest but feels great under regular everyday clothes.

The cups have a soft lining and I found no skin irritation, a common occurrence in the underboob region. The comfort cushion straps are a delight, and I hate shoulder-digging straps with a passion.

I only wish that these straps could be adjusted!


  • Stretchy and extensive straps
  • No digging
  • Full coverage
  • Perfect support with the Spanette fabric
  • No-slip


  • No provision for strap adjustment
  • Cup size differs from other brands


3. Bali Double Support Wireless Bra DF3820

Best Budget Bras For Older Women

Bali Double Support Wireless Bra DF3820

If you are looking for comfortable bras for women then you need to check out the Bali double support wireless bra. With extra-wide straps and complete front coverage, this is one of the most supportive bras fit for the older woman. This is a double-support bra that prevents the uni-boob shape, and also provides a little bit of minimization for larger breasts.

The sizes available range from 34B to 48DD, so this would not be suitable for plus-sized women. Its adjustable closure, seamless lining, and unified cups offer opacity and make it one of the best bras for older women. You can wear it throughout the day without feeling any uneasiness since the material is light.

The satin and leotard give a nice finish to the bra. I think this is one of the least frumpy bras on the list, and I always feel a little extra-confident when I’m wearing this one. The absence of an underwire makes it a healthy bra to wear, especially for long periods.


  • Under-bands are made of stretchy fabric
  • Wireless cups
  • Satin and leotard for the perfect stylish finish
  • Nice color options and design
  • Moisture-wicking fabric


  • Not every size has a stretchy strap


4. Bali Women’s Passion DF3385

Best Bras For Older Women For Support Lift

Bali Women’s Passion DF3385

Sometimes I want an underwire bra because I’m looking for the best lift, and I’m willing to compromise on support a little bit. Bali Women’s Passion DF3385 is exactly that kind of bra, and it was definitely one of my top picks.

As someone who prefers bras without an underwire, this bra has been surprisingly (and suspiciously!) comfortable. The underwire is perfectly hidden and does not cut through the skin like most bras. The smooth cups come with elegant lace insets in the strap. It provides a really great lift, without making your breasts look unnaturally perky up to your chin!

Thankfully, these straps can be adjusted at the back. I just wish that the shoulder straps were a little more cushioned, I can imagine that they would get uncomfortable when you’re wearing it for a long time. I also wish I could throw these in a washing machine, but they’re hand wash only if you want it to last.


  • Light feeling due to the silky smooth lining
  • Minimizes boobs by 1.5 inches
  • Strap prevents dig-in


  • Shoulder straps can be uncomfortable for long periods
  • Only hand wash, can’t be thrown into a machine


5. Playtex Women’s Wirefree Bra US4745

Best Lift and Support Wire Free Bra

Playtex Women’s Wirefree Bra US4745

If support and lift is a primary concern for you, but you still want a wireless bra: Playtex is your best bet. This is one of my favorite when it comes to wireless, hook and eye bras that not only feel great but look nice too. Here’s why it’s great for lift –it has a full coverage lining considered best for sagging breasts, especially for older women. It is wire-free and will make your breasts look great while remaining comfortable. I was surprised that a wireless bra could lift this much!

While Playtex promises 18 hours of comfort, I’ve personally never been able to go that long, wire free coverage or not. Having said that, Playtex is definitely more comfortable than regular bras.

Here’s an important aspect: the cups are slightly conical in shape. I personally love the vintage braiser shape, but this may not suit everyone.


  • Wireless bra with adequate support
  • Natural shaping molded cups
  • 4-way support system for breasts and body
  • Full coverage
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Wide straps to prevent slipping


  • Poorly constructed hooks
  • Side spillage could be an issue


6. Glamorise Women’s Bra

Best Plus Size Bras For Older Women

Glamorise Women’s Bra

I was really impressed with this plus-sized bra. While it is not specifically made for older women, there’s great comfort and support which makes it great for women of all ages. This is the perfect choice for plus-size women – the size chart starts from 36B and runs till 56J. Many plus-sized women have had to spend years stuffing themselves into a bra too small, which is terrible for breast tissue and causes “boobs spilling”.

I really like the lace inserts, makes this a much prettier and fancy option. Just like a few other bras on this list, however, the Glamorise bra has pointy cups. This tends to be super flattering for women with larger breasts who can fill out the cup and shape since it gives them a slight minimizing look along with perkiness. Many of us grew up with these pointy cups so we’re used to the shape since we were younger women.

The bra has wider straps that add to the comfy features. As far as non wired bras go, this is one of the best options for support and lift.


  • Structure, balance, shape maintained by two-piece material
  • Minimizer bra
  • Strong inner bust bands for enhanced support
  • Full coverage bra with lace
  • Comfortable bra


  • Lining under the straps might shred in a few days
  • Pointy cups


7. Bestena Sports Bra

Best Sports Bras for Mature Women

Bestena Sports Bra

As an older woman, exercise is what keeps you full of life, younger than your years, and gives you the energy to go throughout the day. Even if you don’t go on morning runs or to your daughter’s yoga class — a sports bra is great for active lifestyles (read: hurrying down those damn stairs).

When it comes to a sports bra with breathable fabric that doesn’t squish you like a corset: Bestena is a great option. This one is a comfortable, medium-support, cotton bra. This pullover bra comes with removable pads that are an added plus. It’s called a yoga bra, so this is perfect for light movement.

There are no hooks or buckles and you simply have to pull it over your shoulders without any hassle. You can insert the pads when you please and choose from a size range of small to 4x. The material used to make the bras is breathable and light for easy and rapid movement. Even after frequent usage, you will notice that the elasticity remains fantastic.

I love that this is made from cotton and spandex fabric. However, this is a sports bra and it will flatten you considerably: so this may not be a bra you want to wear every day.


  • No slipping of the straps
  • Ideal for daily wear and rapid movements
  • Completely non-wired
  • Elastic and fit for all body types
  • Removable pads to allow your breasts to breath


  • Tight near the underarms


8. Bali Women’s Shaping Bra DF3488

Best Shaping Wirefree Bra

Bali Women’s Shaping Bra DF3488

I don’t know how many of my readers will feel the same way: but I like the hook and closure for how convenient it is to slip on and off. Wrestling with a tight sports bra over my head and shoulders makes me feel like I’m giving birth… to myself.

I like Bali Women’s Shaping bra because it’s the lovechild of a sports bra and an everyday comfort wireless bra. Genius! This provides all the support and lift older women need for an active lifestyle, while also making the girls look great and is easy to take off (no matter how sweaty you get).

It has the classic hook and eye back closure and must be hand-washed (sigh) to ensure it lasts for a longer time. Bali has made a seamless design that offers you comfort and no bra lines.


  • Wide and stretchable straps
  • Padded linings
  • Seamless fabric
  • Soft, comfortable, and supportive bra
  • Removable pads
  • Doesn’t flatten you out like a sports bra


  • Straps are prone to slipping during intense activities
  • Cannot throw in the washing machine, hand wash only


9. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Front Closure Cotton Bra

Best Front-Closure Bras

Front Closure Cotton Bra

Front Closure bras have a great advantage in terms of comfort. You never need to reach back, and you can attach it on and off as if it were a sweater. This fruit of the loom bra is made from breathable fabric and is one of the most comfortable things I’ve put on my body.

However, it doesn’t do wonders in terms of support and lift. I think this would be best for women with smaller breasts, or if you’re just looking for a bra to wear around the house. Personally, I need more padding and shaping for a bra I’m going to wear when I step out!

But if comfort’s what you’re after: doesn’t get much better than this.


  • Super comfortable
  • Closure bra
  • Machine wash
  • Can work as a light activity sports bra
  • Cotton and spandex fabric


  • Not much lift
  • Not great for women with bigger busts


10. BRABIC Post-Surgery Posture Corrector

Best Post-Surgery Mastectomy Bra


BRABIC Post-Surgery Posture Corrector

A post surgery bra needs to do much more than support. It needs to improve your posture, reduce swelling, and promote faster recovery while preventing sagging. You don’t want to be wearing your old bra with double layer underwire cups when you’re recovering. This BRABIC bra does just that, and has been a life-saver for women post-surgery.

The breast band helps keep your girls in shape so they don’t move around. While it may feel more restrictive than a regular bra, this is the correct form for recovery. An added bonus is that the back smoothens out any rolls, and almost acts like shapewear – looks great under dresses!


  • Minimizer bra
  • Post-surgery bra
  • Great for the correct posture
  • Acts as shapewear


  • Can be difficult to wear


How To Choose The Right Bra For You

1. Choose The Right Size

You might be rolling your eyes as you read this, but there’s still a good chance that you’ve been wearing the wrong bra size for the past 40 years! Eight out of ten women have been fitted for bra sizes incorrectly: and suffer shoulder pain, neck pain, clogged breast tissues among other health problems as a result.

And it’s not your fault: bra sizes are confusing to begin with, especially for bigger women. Plus sizes in bras get expensive and rare to find, so women with bigger busts tend to settle for the largest they can find. They have to deal with side spillage, blocked ducts and terrible aches and pains — not to mention unsightly and unflattering lingerie that does them no favors in feeling sexy.

Even if you find the right bra size after measuring yourself, it’s a good idea to choose one with adjustable shoulder straps. That’s because the right shoulder straps will ease shoulder pain, and take the load off your back.

2. Choose Breathable Materials

Bras should be comfortable and breathable before anything else, more so the ones for old women. We’re more prone to breaking into a sweat: so choose materials like cotton, spandex, lycra, nylon, and polyester. The trial and error method is the most effective way to choose a material ideal for you. While I started out with nylon bras, over time I realized that cotton suits my breasts the most.

If you have sensitive skin, this is even more important for you to pay attention to. Another important tip to remember is that not all lace is created equally. Good quality lace feels like a feather to the skin, and should never be itchy.

3. Front Closure Or Back Closure? Pull-On bralettes?

Closure type is one of the most crucial factors to consider while choosing a bra for sagging breasts. Front closure bras are best for elderly women as you don’t need to twist your arms behind your back to clasp the hook.

A front close bra doesn’t have to be unsexy. Sometimes the hook is discreet, so your bra doesn’t have to look like a button-up vest. For women with arthritis or other health ailments, velcro closure bras are a solid option that are easy to use and cut effort and time.

Another option is a pull-on bralette or a sports bra. These need to be worn over the shoulders and head. I’m not a big fan of this style since a good-fitting bra will naturally be tight and tough to pull over your shoulders. I’ve gotten stuck with a sports bra around my neck too many times, and had to enlist help! Not one of my proudest moments.

4. Color

The safest color of bra to go with is nude color as it remains invisible under any dress. But nude colored bras tend to look frumpy as well, so I recommend choosing colors that make you feel sexy. I’m a big fan of wine and burgundy shades that I think flatter my skin tone — and I’m sure you’ve discovered a color that you like over the years as well. Wearing moderately sexy lingerie makes me stand a little taller and smile a little brighter. I’m always reminded that I’m a grandmother when I’m wearing a pale beige bra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Best Bra For Sagging Breasts?

The best bras for sagging breasts are those that provide lift and support. While many believe underwired bras are the only solution; this is far from the truth. Support panels, padded cups and shaping cups can do a great job of lifting your breasts and giving them a smooth and well-rounded shape that appears fuller. You don’t need to wear an underwired bra that can cut into your skin or cause chafing. Check out the section on bras for support and lift on our list.

Q2. What Is The Best Bra For Support And Lift.

Don’t go ahead and buy a regular underwire bra if you want support! For mature women whose skin tends to be more sensitive — bruising and chafing happen easily. We recommend the Bali Women’s Passion DF3385 if you’re keen on a bra for maximum support, lift and shaping.

Q3. What Can An Elderly Woman Wear Instead Of A Bra?

For elderly women that don’t want to struggle into bras, a soft and lined bralette or yoga sports bra with bands for support is a great option. We recommend that you check out Fruit of the Loom’s front closure bra. It’s soft, can be worn like a button-up, and doesn’t cut into the skin anywhere.

Q4. What Is The Best Bra For Comfort?

Bras with full coverage, no underwire, and soft material are the most comfortable ones. Breathable fabrics are a big bonus, as they allow you to wear them for longer hours, even if you have sensitive skin. We recommend you check out Playtex Original 18 Hour Comfort Bras.


So there you have it: the best bras for older women on the market. I’ve included a product for every woman, plus-sized, sensitive skin and even post-surgery: because every woman deserves a bra that’s comfortable and makes her feel confident and at her best.

If you want a quick recommendation, Playtex Original 18 Hour Comfort Bra is a standard that most mature women like.

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