Subtle & Stunning Top 10 Best Matte Eyeshadows For Older Eyes

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Matte Eyeshadows For Older Eyes

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageLamora Matte
  • Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadows
  • Feature cutting edge gel-to-powder technology
  • Perfect for everyday girl, special events and occasions
ptsntbl-table__imageL’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Eyeshadow
  • Nude look kit
  • Long lasting glamour
  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable
ptsntbl-table__imagePhysicians Formula
  • Nude look kit
  • Long lasting glamour
  • Formulated for senstive skin
ptsntbl-table__imageIT Cosmetics
  • Features six full-size shadows
  • Anti-aging ingredients
  • Ideal for any occasion
ptsntbl-table__imageDemure Mineral Eyeshadow
  • Includes 23 shades
  • 100% pure crushed minerals
  • Hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin and eyes,

Good makeup starts with good skincare, and most women stop using makeup altogether after reaching a certain age.

Usually, this happens when they realize that their old makeup isn’t suiting them anymore! Sometimes, it seems to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, which is the exact opposite of what we want.

It’s completely normal to have to get new makeup as you age: and it always helps to use makeup that has skincare seamlessly mixed into it. Using products that have collagen and nourishing ingredients means that your skin actually looks better after you take your makeup off.

Ignore anyone who says that women over 50 shouldn’t wear makeup. You can absolutely wear bright colors, and sparkly formulas, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the best matte eyeshadows for older eyes. I’ve put together this list by consulting a professional makeup artist, and through my own personal experience. I have rather prominent ‘crows feet’, and I’ve found the best results with matte formulas.

If you’re short on time, take my word for it and go ahead with the Lauren Brooke Cream Eyeshadow. I’m yet to find a woman who hasn’t fallen in love with it!

Top 10 Best Matte Eyeshadow For Older Eyes 2022

But first… Primer!

One of the best-kept secrets of great makeup for mature women is primer! You can get away with average eyeshadow on your eyes if you have a great primer applied to your eyes. Urban Decay’s anti-aging primer is amazing at creating the perfect base for your eyeshadow to go on.

  • Prevents creasing and drying out
  • Contains collagen and is good for your delicate eyelid skin
  • Creates a base that boosts the pigment and color of your eyeshadow
  • Plumps and smoothes your eyelid
  • Absorbs any excess oil for oily skin
  • Prevents fallout

A primer is absolutely necessary for powder eyeshadow but doesn’t always need to be applied when you’re using a cream eyeshadow. A little goes a long way, especially when it’s good for your skin.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look at the best matte eyeshadows for mature eyes.

Best Powder Eyeshadows

1. Lamora Matte

Best Warm Undertones Eyeshadow

Lamora Matte

Lamora isn’t as well-known of a brand as Urban Decay or Sephora or even MAC, but this is an eyeshadow palette a makeup artist will recommend! It’s really a steal at the price for the quality, and this works exceptionally well for older women with mature skin.

It’s rare to find powder matte that’s highly pigmented with warm undertones. For the longest time, I kept getting stuck with eyeshadows that appeared grey on my skin, which is not flattering for the dark circles I already have. This matte eyeshadow feels downright buttery on the skin, and that goes to show how high quality it is. Finely-milled powder like this one is easier to blend and stays put on your skin without any unwanted fallout.

What really does it for me is that this palette is buildable. You can use a tiny amount for an everyday light look and really build on the product and pigment for those special occasions.

  • Really high-quality product
  • Blends smooth and mixes well with other colors
  • Organic ingredients and 100% plant-based and vegan
  • Great for mature skin, works well with a primer
  • No fallout
  • Great for women with darker skin
  • Doesn’t smell very nice


2. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Eyeshadow

Best Gel to Powder eyeshadow


Now, here’s a unique formula.

I first tried this eyeshadow out when a drugstore employee insisted that I would like it. She told me it was the perfect in-between of powder eyeshadow and cream eyeshadow, and boy was she right! Ever since I’ve tried it on, I keep going back to stock up on this!

This is a gel-to-powder eyeshadow, so it’s very pigmented and there’s zero chance of it falling out. It feels oily at first but then dries completely matte and smooth. I particularly like applying this to the lash line, it’s pigmented enough to replace a liner (if you buy the right shade).

I also love that I don’t need to use a primer for this one. If I’ll be out the entire day, I drop this in my purse for a quick touch-up. For those nights when you’re going all-out on brighter eyeshadow colors, this is a great base.

  • Gel to powder formula
  • Zero fallout
  • Highly pigmented
  • Smoothens out creases
  • Doesn’t need an eye primer
  • Can be applied to the brow bone
  • Comes in plenty of neutral tones
  • Using with an eye primer can cause caking up


3. Physicians Formula

Best Hypoallergenic eyeshadow for sensitive eyes

Physicians Formula

Right, I know that matte shadows are usually recommended for older women, but this is the one shimmery shadows palette that’s the exception to the rule. These are complementary shades that don’t have big chunks of unflattering glitter. Especially when applied on top of a layer of eye primer, they really brighten up your eyes for a more alert and luminous look.

This is the only shimmer eyeshadow palette that I’ll consider using! The jewel tones are blendable shades and suit women of all skin colors. It doesn’t hurt that this is a hypoallergenic eyeshadow too! Perfect for older women with extra sensitive eyes (especially if you wear contact lenses).

  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Long-lasting color
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with eyeliner and mascara
  • Can be used wet and dry
  • The mascara in this collection isn’t the best


4. IT Cosmetics

Best anti-aging matte eyeshadow

IT Cosmetics

At this point in my life, I’ll take all the care my skin can get.

I definitely perked up when I read that this product has hydrolyzed collagen in the formula with anti-aging properties. Sign me up! I love this cute little palette, it’s a proper matte just as they promise, and also really blendable. Doesn’t burn a hole in my purse, and fits in it too (this is travel size)

It hurts to wrap my brain around it, but this formula actually contains real silk in it. I don’t know how, but I got a kick out of wearing this silk eyeshadow with my favorite red silk dress that I get out in the holiday season. There are 6 light shades that are 100% matte, with one shimmer shade. The shimmer shade is called ‘Transferring Hello Light’ which you can dab in the inner eye and browbone. No need for a highlighter anymore.

  • Offers the ultimate matte effect
  • Easily blendable hues
  • Affordable price
  • Super pigmented
  • Comes with applicators and brushes for easy use
  • Comes with one highlighter shade
  • Contains real silk in the formula
  • Great base shades
  • Seems to be designed only for caucasian women


5. Demure Mineral Eyeshadow

Best mineral eyeshadow for mature skin

Demure Mineral Eyeshadow

If you’re keen on an all-natural eyeshadow, this mineral eyeshadow is only made from natural minerals from the earth. No petroleum-based nonsense goes in this product, and it’s great for a softer look. This isn’t a palette, and it comes in individual tubs. Of course, this is the slightly higher-end: so it’s perfect for the many women who like to use just one or two shades.

I like how this looks on older skin, it’s perfect for drawing attention to the eyes without looking too “out-there”. It’s great when you’ve used eye primer, and it even works well with hooded eyes.

It’s important to note that this will take more skill to apply than a regular palette: because you have to be careful not to drop the loose shadow.


  • Cruelty-free manufacturing process
  • Shades are handpicked by professional makeup artists for a universally flattering look
  • Double-ended applicator
  • Silky smooth formula gives you the perfect blend ability
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Takes skill to apply


6. AFU

Best waterproof matte eyeshadow


I used to think that I have to opt for a cream eyeshadow if I wanted it to be waterproof, but this AFU powder eyeshadow changed my mind! It’s created with ultra-micronized and super pigmented waterproof ingredients. Not just waterproof, it’s also smudge-proof. When I tried it on, it lasted a solid eight hours without having to do any touch-ups.

Not all of the 16 shades are matte so you get matte, metallic, satin, glitter, and shimmering earth tones all-in-one. The best part is that the sparkly shades don’t look youthful or glittery, but have a foil type of shine. But even if you just want to use the matte options, this is one of those beauty products that are completely worth it.

  • Strong adhesion capability
  • Smooth matte finish
  • Excellent blend-ability
  • Super pigment and doesn’t fall out
  • No need to touch up
  • Buttery feel
  • Mineral oil
  • A great dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario
  • No cool-toned shades


Best Cream Shadows For Older Women

1. Julep

Best Shadowstick / Roll on eyeshadow


While I love makeup and always have, I have a sister-in-law who hates it. She can’t be bothered with the extra getting-ready time. I tried out this roll-on shadow with her in mind and then gave it to her to try. Long story short: she loved it.

This is everything you need in one convenient stick. It has vitamins and is good for your skin, and is incredibly easy to apply. You swipe it over your eyes and you’re done with the job. There’s no need to use brushes. It’s enriched with jojoba oil and gives you that seamless finish that usually takes way more effort to achieve.

Of course, you need to choose the right color that you can use all over your eyelid. If you choose a color that’s too light, it might look like you’ve used concealer. I chose the color ‘Caramel’ for my sister-in-law, who has olive-toned older skin.


  • Very easy to apply
  • It contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
  • Subtle colors for women of all ages
  • Affordable
  • Does not contain nasty chemicals
  • Waterproof formula
  • If you’re used to powder-based shadows, this can feel heavy on the eyes


2. Lauren Brooke Cream Matte Shadow

Best Organic and Natural Eyeshadow

Lauren Brooke Cream Matte Shadow

Here’s a botanical eyeshadow if there ever was one. Super creamy, super matte, and super good for you. It uses shea butter, rosehip, vitamin E, and jojoba oil to nourish the fine lines on our mature eyelids.

This is one of the best eyeshadows for older women with dry skin who need extra moisture. But if you have oily skin, you might want to keep away from this as it can make you look greasy.

  • Vitamin E
  • Shea butter
  • Rosehip oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Removes fine lines
  • Great choice of colors
  • Flattering for all skin colors
  • Cruelty-free
  • Not very pigmented
  • Not buildable


3. Stila Suede Shadow

Stila Suede Shadow

Best liquid cream matte eyeshadow

If you have dry skin, you’ll really like the liquid cream matte eyeshadow. It looks a lot like a liquid lipstick, but this is very high on pigments and completely matte. I use this when I can’t be bothered to layer on three or four powder shades, and I’m looking for a one-color eyelid situation.

The formula definitely feels smoother and more nourishing than most. Like most cream eyeshadows, you don’t need to use a primer with these. When I tried it on, it didn’t last longer than four hours: but it’s painfully easy to touch up, so I didn’t mind.

I only wish there were more colors! My favorite is the green ‘Enchanted Earth’: a lovely earthy subtle green shade that doesn’t make me look like Elphaba from Wicked!

  • Ultra-smooth finish
  • Easily blendable formula
  • Smudge-proof
  • Great quality ingredients
  • Suede velvet finish
  • Not many color options


4. Mommy Makeup Any Wear Creme

Best all-in-one creme eyeshadow

Mommy Makeup Any Wear Creme

How perfect is this brand for mothers and grandmothers? It’s called ‘Mommy Makeup’ and rightly so: no-fuss, all-in-one beauty products!

I feel like I’ve saved the best for last because this lovely product isn’t just eyeshadow, it’s blush and lipstick as well! Yes, you can throw one tub in your purse and call it a day.

Of course, it’s not as pigmented as some of the other shadows in this list. I wouldn’t call it a perfect matte either: since it’s a smooth hydrating formula, there’s a bit of shine and a ‘lip balm’ look to it. But for the ultra-convenience, it definitely makes up for that. Did I mention there’s a mirror too? I can already see myself using this in the car for those emergency situations.

Some of the darker shades would be great as eyeliner for natural blonde and redheaded women.

  • Cruelty-free product
  • A mirror is included in the package
  • Can be used as blush and lip color too
  • Nice color range
  • Smooth and easy to apply
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Not very pigmented
  • Very small quantity
  • Very subtle, not for dramatic or bold makeup


Beauty tips to Choose the Best Eyeshadow for Older women

Here are some eyeshadow tips for older women!

Tip #1: Stick with the matte shades and formulae

There’s a reason why matte eyeshadow is so strongly recommended by every makeup artist for older women. Glittery and shimmery eyeshadows can be unflattering on textured eyelids, sometimes highlighting the fine lines and wrinkles. Shimmery eyeshadow also attracts and reflects light, drawing attention to the creases.

Matte shades are much finer milled. They give the eye a matte texture: which means that they sit in the folds of the skin, creating a smoother and even look. They also tend to be high on pigments, which means that you get more color with less product.

Tip #2: Use cream shadow instead of powder formulas

Now, I know powder eyeshadows are way more popular and we’re also more accustomed to them. But I’d strongly recommend making the switch to a cream formula. They hydrate and moisturize your skin while smoothening out the entire eye region. Plus, cream shadows are a dream to blend and work with.

The best cream eyeshadow according to me is Lauren Brook, but you can also choose Mommy Makeup Any Wear (one of the best cream formulas) for a multi-purpose shadow that doubles as blush and lip color!

The only downside to creams is that they can feel slightly heavier on the skin. If you happen to have oily skin, a powder might be better for you after all.

Tip #3: Consider your eye color and hair color

If you want to flash the baby blues: you’ve likely been told to wear a matching outfit to impress a special someone. Makeup and eyeshadow are no different. Wearing a complementary shade to your natural eye color will make it pop and look much more attractive.

If you have colored eyes like blues, greens, and hazels, wearing a matching eye shadow shade will enhance the pupil color. If you have any shade of brown eyes, you can wear virtually any color you like!

Tip #4: Consider your skin tone and skin types

A lot of people think of their skin color instead of paying attention to their skin tone. No matter how light or dark your skin is, you either have a cool or warm skin tone.

Most people either have warmer skin tones and have a yellow or golden hue to their skin. Cooler skin tones have a pink or reddish hue. Gold jewelry tends to suit warmer skins while silver jewelry looks better on cooler ones. Another way to check your skin hue is to look at the visible veins on your wrist. If they appear blue/green you have warmer skin, but if they appear blue/purple you likely have cooler skin. These are tricks that work on all ethnicities.

Warmer skins look better with warm shades in eyeshadow. They can really pull of warm browns and orange tones. Colder skin looks great with wine, plum, and rusty shades. Ashy grey colors can actually look great on you, and bring out the natural color of your eyes!

Tip #5: Try out neutral shades

Don’t get me wrong: I’m the biggest advocate of older women using more experimental makeup. I’m not one to tell a 60-something year old to throw her bright blue eyeshadow away! But neutral colors tend to be more universally flattering, especially for every day and daily use.

When we were younger, makeup was fun and vibrant for the heck of it. As older women, we wear makeup to restore the natural color to our face, as well as define our features. Greys, creams, and taupes sound boring but can do wonders, so don’t underestimate them! Personally, wearing a medium plum-brown on my lids defines my natural eye shape so much better.

Tip #6: Always use primer

Eyeshadow primer is a big lifesaver. It reinforces your eyelids and prevents them from looking too thin and papery. Primer is one of the most integral steps to eye makeup and actually helps your eyeshadow colors go on brighter and more pigmented.

Tip #7: Consider your natural eye shape

Good eyeshadow can reshape and contour aging eyes. Our eye shape tends to change as we age. Pay attention to whether you have round eyes or almond eyes. Our eyes tend to shrink due to the loose thin skin as we get older.

If you had hooded eyes, you’ll need to apply makeup differently. The same goes for women with deep-set eyes.

Tip #8: Your eyeshadow brush matters, sometimes more than makeup products!

Using a good-quality eyeshadow brush definitely improves the end result. Even the best makeup will be useless if you use your fingers to dab it on! A good brush can reach into the folds of the skin and create that soft blended look.

FAQs about Matte Eyeshadow for Aging Eyes

Q1. Which eyeshadow color makes you look younger?

While a neutral brown or taupe looks good on everyone, a rosy-toned shadow or one with a plum tinge can give you a beautiful flushed complexion! The pink undertones make you look like you just went for a 5-mile jog (if that were a good thing) while bringing a youthful glow.

Q2. What kind of eyeshadow should older women wear?

A cream eyeshadow or cream formula seems to look better on older women since they smoothen the skin and give the appearance of plumper, untextured eyelids. However, you should stay away from creams if you have naturally oily skin.

Q3. Can Over 60s wear shimmer eyeshadow?

There’s no rule that you can’t. Shimmer eyeshadow is known for enhancing the look of wrinkles, but there’s still a way to do it if you’ve got your heart set on that dose of glitter.

First, use a matte eyeshadow on the entire eyelid region. Then, using a small brush, dab in the tiniest bit of shimmer eyeshadow into the corner of your eyes. This will bring light to the corners of your eyes and automatically brighten them up while giving you a little extra something-something. Try staying away from a shimmer eyeshadow all over the eye.


You don’t need to consult professional makeup artists to find out what’s the best eye makeup option anymore! Older women can feel so hesitant wearing makeup, but we arguably need it even more than young women. While we’re not trying to change our entire face, good makeup can make us look more alert, awake, and flushed: which can knock off 10 years off your age.

And if you ever feel anxious that you’re wearing too much makeup for your age? Do me a favor and google images of Joan Collins: the queen of false lashes and kohl-rimmed eyes! She’s pushing late 80’s and looks fabulous.

If you’re still on the fence, I’d recommend the Lauren Brooke Natural Eyeshadow.

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