Best Mascaras For Older Women 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Mascaras for Older Women

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageL’Oreal Paris Carbon
  • Build lashes up to 5X their natural thickness
  • Achieve sleek lines with smudge-proof eyeliner
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
ptsntbl-table__imageCovergirl Very Black
  • Designed to max out every lash
  • Instant blast of fullness and length
  • No clumping or flaking
ptsntbl-table__imageSimply Naked Beauty
  • Designed to create massive volume, never clump and last all day
  • Super easy to apply
  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritating and non-toxic
ptsntbl-table__imageCovergirl Clump
  • Gives you 20x more volume
  • Curved brush design with fits to the curve of the eye
  • Ideal for any skin tone or eye color
ptsntbl-table__imageNyx Tinted Brow
  • Tame, tint, fill and set eyebrows in one step
  • Adds depth without residue or hardening brows
  • Keeps your brows soft while maintaining complete control

With age, our eyelashes get thin also the texture of the skin around our eyes changes. Wearing mascara at an older age can become a challenge if you don’t know what type of mascara to use. Age is just a number! If you also believe in this quote then Best Mascaras For Older Women is for you.

Mascara is one of the most essential beauty supplies. The right use of mascara defines the eyelashes by making them appear darker, thicker, and longer. It works like magic for tired eyes. While all mascaras look the same in appearance, the main difference lies in the ingredients.

There are different shades of mascara introduced by the manufacturers to offer different looks. However, the selection of the right mascara depends on many factors other than the shade. The age of the user is one important factor while buying the mascara.

If you are over 50, then you need to be over-cautious while deciding the right mascara for yourself. After experimenting with many mascaras and consulting the experts, we have found various important factors and the range of best mascara for older women that will offer great looks while taking the utmost care of your eyelashes.

Top 10 Best Mascaras For Older Women 2021

1. L’Oreal Paris Carbon

L’Oreal Best Mascara For Older WomenAs the name suggests, Voluminous Mascara from L’Oreal Paris adds volume to the eyelashes by preventing clumping. It comes with a special volume maximizing brush that glides through the eyelash smoothly to add volume by thickening the lashes.

The ingredients used in this mascara are suitable for those with sensitive eyes and is also suitable for eyes with contact lens. You can make a statement with a different shade every time.

There is a variety of shades to try based on your attire and mood. You can choose from different brushes to create the look you want in just a few strokes.


  • 5X Volume formula for fuller lashes
  • Different wearable shades
  • Smudge-resistant mascara to be worn for a whole day
  • Added Ceramide-R and Panthenol to protect the lashes


  • Need to learn proper application for best results


2. Covergirl Very Black

Covergirl Very BlackLash Blast Volume Mascara by Covergirl will add volume to each lash by thickening and elongating it. The result is the voluminous eyelashes darkened to add visibility. This volume adding mascara is soft on your eyes.

The product is not tested on animals and hence it takes care of your zero cruelty principles as well! If you are not comfortable with black then the makers of this mascara have come up with 4 different shades to choose from.

The shades are very well selected to ensure a natural look for your lashes. Go for this mascara for zero clumpings and flaking.


  • 10 Times instant volume
  • Max out each lash
  • Zero clumpings and flaking
  • Four different shades to choose from
  • Natural shades


  • You won’t get funky shades


3. Simply Naked Beauty 3D Fiber Formula

Simply Naked Beauty 3D Fiber FormulaAdd unbelievable volume and length to your lashes with this 3D and 4D Gel designed with 3D fiber formula. The effect created is as good as putting on artificial lashes, however, it is very easy to wear and can be put on in just 5 minutes.

This waterproof gel formula artificially thickens your lashes in a way that the volume is enhanced almost 300 times the natural volume. It also increases the length of the lashes by 300 times. Its non-clumping and smudge-proof formula make it an ideal thing to wear for the whole day.


  • Waterproof formula to make it suitable for all seasons
  • Smudge-proof for whole day wear
  • 3D and 4D Gel application
  • 3D fiber formula for 300X volume and length
  • Easy to apply


  • Available in only 2 shades


4. Covergirl Clump Crusher

Covergirl Clump CrusherThe clump crusher mascara is meant to crush all clumps from the lashes for great volume and length. The magical stroke of this mascara increases the volume and length of the lashes by 20 times.

The mascara comes with a special curved brush with straight edge bristles to apply from root to tip. The design of the brush is ideal to fit in the curve of the eyes. The black-brown shade makes it good for all eye colors and skin tones.

The 100% vegan mascara is free of mineral oil, phthalates, formaldehyde, parabens, sulfates, and talc. Wear it for the whole day through without worrying about smudging and spreading with the waterproof formula.


  • 20X volume with the clump-proof formation
  • Double-sided brush with special design to offer root to tip application
  • 100% vegan mascara
  • Easy application


  • Need to apply a primer for better results


5. Nyx Professional Tinted Brow

Nyx Professional Tinted BrowAdd tint and set your eyebrows with this specially formulated Tinted Brow Mascara By NYX Professional. Define your brows while addressing all your brow concerns with this highly effective brow mascara.

It is a wonderful solution to ensure smooth and soft arches with some simple strokes. Add depth to your brows without making it hard. All you have to do is comb through your brows for effective results without having any residues to clear. This mascara adds tint naturally without affecting the natural texture of your brows.

Hence, you can use other styling products on the brow without worrying about its combination with the mascara.


  • 5 Natural shades to make your brows look naturally tinted
  • Single stroke application without hardening or residue
  • Gel formula for easy application
  • No flakes for a natural tint
  • Soft brows with even tint


  • Need to look for the shade that matches your natural brow shade for best result


6. Rimmel Lash Accelerator

Rimmel Lash AcceleratorIf you are looking for a mascara to increase the length of the lashes then Lash Accelerator Mascara from Rimmel is the best pick.

It increases the length of the lashes by about 99% with its special Lash-catching brush that separates each lash to add extra length. This Endless mascara from Rimmel is designed with microfibers formula with added Grow Lash Complex.

The special Grow-Lash Complex is the combination of Keratin, Procapil, and Antioxidants that condition the lashes with each application. Regular application for a month would result in longer, denser, and darker lashes.


  • Instant results with a special lash catch brush
  • 99% longer eyelashes instantly
  • Added Grow-Lash Complex for permanent conditioning of the lashes
  • No clumping and flaking
  • Extreme black color to suit all skin tones


  • You will have to look for other shade if black is not for your eyelashes


7. Essence Lash Princess False Lash

Essence Lash Princess False LashGet an instant false lash look with False Lash Mascara from Lash Princess. It is all-day wearable mascara that adds volume to your lashes for well-defined eye makeup. Just one stroke and you get long voluminous lashes.

An additional 2 to 3 strokes would result in extra voluminous lashes that will offer the bold look you always wanted. This easy to apply mascara comes with a conical brush to sculpt your lashes for a non-clumpy look.

It stays for the whole day after just one application in the morning. You can skip the use of false lashes completely with this mascara.


  • Conic Fiber Brush for even finish
  • False lash look and extra volume with each stroke
  • Waterproof formula to work the whole day through
  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free product


  • Makeup remover required for removal as it is real waterproof


8. Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers

Covergirl Super Sizer FibersSuper Sizer Fibers Mascara from Covergirl offers a 400% increase in volume and length of the lashes with few quick strokes.

It comes with a special lash finder brush that can easily find the smallest lash and give it the much-needed length and volume. It is designed with the Fiber Length formula for full-fanned lashes to get you that bold look.

Proper strokes with patience will give you a non-clumpy look.


  • Fiber length formula that gives just false lash like results
  • Lash Styler brush for even application on each lash
  • 400% volume and length
  • Easy application


  • Not waterproof


9. Maybelline New York Lash Discovery

Maybelline New York Lash DiscoveryDefining your eyelashes can be really easy with this Lash-Catching Brush that not just adds to the length and volume of the lash, but also defines the entire look. The brush is designed to work on each lash separately to create magic with few strokes.

You can work from root to tip smoothly with this specially designed brush that fits into the shape of your eye well.

The ingredients are selected with utmost care to suit sensitive eyes and also the ones with contact lenses. This smudge-proof mascara will stay in place even while swimming till you deliberately smear it by rubbing your hands when it is wet.


  • Smudge-proof and waterproof
  • The small and narrow design of the brush to reach each lash
  • Hypoallergenic ingredients for sensitive eyes with contact lens


  • May smear on rubbing when wet


10. Covergirl Natural No Color Clear Mascara

Covergirl Natural No Color Clear MascaFor those looking for natural mascara to just increase the length and volume of the lashes, CoverGirl Professional clear mascara is the right choice. This natural color mascara has a tint of its own.

You can apply it to the lashes to get that finished look without adding to the color of the lashes. The ophthalmologist-tested mascara is good for contact lens wearers and also for those with sensitive eyes.

Whatever color is your eyelashes; this clear mascara is for you. Apply a few strokes and you get volume and length instantly.


  • Natural no color mascara suitable for all
  • Conditioning gel formula that makes lashes stronger over time
  • The hypoallergenic formula for sensitive eyes
  • Light to wear


  • Not waterproof but won’t spread as it is a clear mascara


Factors To Look For When Buying Best Mascara For Older Women

Age plays a major role in makeup selection.. Some would work towards making this shift deliberately, while some would observe this change gradually due to the slow shift of preferences, but the fact remains that the increasing age would guide you to make better choices that gracefully define your aging.

Among all other eye makeup, we have tried various mascaras to find the best mascara for older women based on different factors mentioned by the experts. After a lot of research and trials, we have found these guiding factors for buying the best mascara for older women.

1. Color

Color is the key! The decision is based on whether you are planning to have a funky look or want to match the mascara with your eyelashes. Some shades give a more dramatic look as compared to others and you need to decide whether you would like to carry that bold look!

It has been observed that black mascara is more visible and dramatic compared to natural brown. If you have been using the black color on your eyes for years now then you can subtly change to natural brown for more graceful contours.

However, black can always be your preferred one for those special occasions. If your eyelashes are naturally black, then you can have black mascara for daily wear too.

Natural brown is the one that blends with your eyelashes if your lashes have gone lighter with age. Applying this mascara daily for enhanced length and volume is a great idea.

As stated by the users falling in the above 50 age group, natural brown is the comfortable choice for everyday wear. However, dramatic looks don’t end with age and hence very black also has topped as best mascara for older women.

Some companies also offer no color mascara or clear mascara for users who don’t want to add an extra tint to their lashes. These clear mascaras are transparent and can be used to condition the lashes.

Using the clear mascara would keep your lashes clump-free for a longer time and give that desired look. This clear mascara is the best mascara for older women who prefer to wear mascara daily. It can go for those plain everyday looks.

Makeup choices are now getting more and more colorful with companies coming up with funky shades for all makeup essentials. Mascara has also evolved over the years and now you get some beautiful funky colors of mascara that are worth flaunting with your special apparels.

Funky shades are top picks for parties and those special times when you want to go wild with your creativity. Keeping these shades handy in your closet would help you redefine your style every time.

2. What Do Your Eyes Need?

Ask this question to yourself before buying any product. Once you know the shade of the mascara you want to own next, look for the brands offering it.

All these shades may look similar in an image but the real difference lies in their application. If you have been using some brand for a long time then you can look for the desired shade under the same banner to be safe as the ingredients are suitablefor your eyes.

For sensitive eyes, ingredients play a major role. There are products specially designed for sensitive eyes and have hypoallergenic ingredients that may not cause any allergies to the eyes even when kept on for longer hours.

If your eyes are very sensitive and may get irritated in just a few hours of the application then look for the human-tested products.

Some of the mascaras are loaded with fibers that get attached to the lashes when applied. The role of the fibers is to add volume to the lashes just like false lashes.

However, these fibers are not good for sensitive eyes. Again for long applications, these fibers usually come off as flakes and fall into your eyes to irritate.

If the mascara has higher fiber content, then it may also fall on your cheeks and damage your makeup. The best mascara for older women is the one that is free of such allergic ingredients.

Ingredients also matter a lot when you are wearing a contact lens. Little irritation would make you rub your eyes and this is strictly not recommended if you are wearing a contact lens. Most of the products mention their suitability for contact lens wearer and if you find the one in your shade then go for it!

Apart from the above concerns, there is one major concern for older women while applying mascara and that is drying out of the glands that also result in drying of eyes.

You may never want to have dry eyes due to the application of eye makeup and hence looking out for the ingredients before a purchase is an important factor.

3. Production And Testing

When you grow old, you mature in your thoughts and your view towards the world change for the better. This is the time when you should think of nature as a whole and not just your interest.

This thought stands true while selecting the cosmetic as well. This is the time to check the production and testing processes involved in cosmetic making.

With increasing awareness towards animal care, companies are now coming up with cruelty-free or 100% vegan cosmetics range in the market. These cosmetics are produced with all organic ingredients without harming any animals.

The testing part is also cared for well in the manufacturing of these cosmetics as they are not tested on animals, the way they were done earlier.

Look for some good brands and manufacturers that offer cruelty-free products to introduce ethical buying in your buying pattern.

4. Expectations

Different people have different expectations from their mascara. Depending on the problem area and the enhancement requirements, mascara is selected for different purposes –

Volume enhancing mascara is good for those having thin and sparse lashes. Volumizing mascara has a special brush that instantly increases the volume of lashes by making them appear thicker and fuller.

Increasing the length of eyelashes is the prime objective for any mascara. Some mascaras are designed to increase the length of the lashes more compared to others. This happens as the solution provided in the mascara is thinner and may be easier to apply from root to tip.

Plain transparent mascara is good to define your lashes for daily wear. It won’t add color to your lashes, but it will define it to offer a clump-free look.

Another expectation one can have from the mascara is water resistance. Waterproof mascara can be a good choice when you are planning to indulge in water sports or swimming. It can be even good when there are chances of humidity due to sweating or monsoon.

However, waterproof mascara cannot be a good choice for routine applications as it dries off quickly and is very difficult to wash off with plain water. You would require an oil-based makeup remover to clean it off your eyes. So, it is good to have waterproof mascara but not always needed!

You also get the mascara that is a combination of all of the above and you may be tempted to buy that to enjoy all features in one. The look offered by this type of mascara is not quite natural though! You can keep this for your special days when you want that dramatic look.

5. Shelf Life

Pure products always have a shorter life span compared to chemically treated ones. However, you may not decide on the product based on its overall shelf life.

The date of expiry of the product needs to be checked before purchasing, to find the product that will stay longer in your closet even when you don’t use it often.

Shelf life is important when you are keeping multiple products for different looks. Some of these products will go old in your closet and meet expiry with only a few applications and you would never want this to happen after spending a good sum on the purchase.

Hence, it is highly recommended that you check the expiry of the product and ensure that it is not shortly expiring, to get the maximum applications in its lifetime.

6. Budget

The budget has always been the deciding factor for most of the purchases and that stands true for this as well. It is still advisable that you don’t make any purchase based on the budget alone as saving money here would cost you a lot in the future.

If you have a limited budget to work on, then better compare the products first on all of the above-mentioned parameters and then finally decide on the budget part. Compare them all on price parameters and finally find the one that fits in your budget.

Mascara stays there for a longer time on your eyes and may directly impact your eye health if wrongly selected. It is therefore suggested that the price should be the last parameter in terms of preferences when it comes to mascara selection.

Tips For Application And Maintenance Of Mascara

Any mascara would look good only if applied well to get the best results. Even the maintenance of the mascara is important if you want to use it until the end.

1. Application Tips

  • If you are planning to curl your lashes, then do it before applying any other eye makeup.
  • Mascara should be the last thing in your makeup application process.
  • Apply from root to tip. Start near the lid and then take it to the lid with few gentle strokes.
  • Let the brush reach the tip of the lashes and stay for a while to add length.
  • Two coats of mascara are recommended. Applying the second coat after the first coat is properly dried to add volume to the mascara.
  • When applying the mascara on the lower lash, it is good to keep the brush vertical for the best results.

2. Maintenance Tips

  • Don’t use the brush to stir the solution through pumping strokes as this will result in clump formation in the solution that will result in a poor application.
  • Brush for mascara doesn’t need any wiping or cleaning. Just put it back in the tube and it will be cleaned.
  • Replace the mascara regularly. Don’t use it beyond the expiry.

FAQs on Mascaras For Older Women

1. Is It Recommended For Older Women To Apply Mascara On The Lower Lash?

Mascara can be applied to both the lashes by older women. However, it is recommended to go easy on lower lashes as that may attract attention to the dark circles. Mascara on lower lash would also make the eyes look droopy and older. Wrinkles under the eye are also accentuated due to this.

2. What Kind Of Mascara Is Good For Those Having Short And Sparse Lashes?

For those having short and sparse lashes, adding length and volume would be the first choice. There are mascaras available that add both length and volume at the same time. Check for the best mascara for older women and you will find the one that is right for such lashes.

3. Will Applying Mascara On A Regular Basis Help In Growing The Lashes Naturally?

Not all mascaras would help you grow your lashes. However, some mascara has ingredients to condition the lashes naturally. These ingredients contain antioxidants, keratin, and other ingredients that may work as the building blocks for the lashes.

Applying this mascara regularly can condition the lashes slowly. This will increase the length of the lashes and would also make it clump-free. If you are using chemical-loaded mascara then it is important to remove it properly at the end of the day to limit the damage.

4. How Can One Remove The Mascara Safely?

Mascara is applied directly on the lashes. Generally, it is recommended to apply two coats of the mascara to get the desired volume and length. The removal of mascara at the end of the day is very important to limit the damage.

Most of these mascaras are designed for whole day wear and you can keep it for the entire day, but you must remove them before retiring for the day. The removal of mascara will,, depend on the type of mascara.

If your mascara is not waterproof then you can just wash it off with water. Apply some mild face wash and wash your face to remove any residues of the mascara.

If your mascara is waterproof then you will have to remove it with special oil-based makeup removers. There are special cleaners available for eye makeup, which may be gentle on the eyes. If you don’t have much makeup remover then apply some oil on the lashes.

Wait for a few minutes and then wipe the lashes with a clean cotton pad. Repeat the same if it is not yet clear. Finally, wash it off with water and mild soap. However, it is always good to use oil-based eye makeup remover for the gentle removal of mascara and other eye makeup.

5. What Ingredients Should Be Avoided In Mascara?

If your mascara says it is good for your eyes, you should not always believe it! Some of them would be genuine while some would be fake claims.

Here are some ingredients in mascara that need to be avoided to make it suit your eyes. This includes artificial fibers, coal tar dye, synthetic dye, and aluminum powder. Parabens used for preservatives like Butylparaben, Propylparaben, and Ethylparapen must be avoided too.

If you are wearing the mascara whole day through, then avoid chemicals as much as possible and go for natural formula. If you are wearing any chemical loaded mascara then keep it for a short span of an hour or two to minimize its harmful effects on your eyes.

Finally, remove it properly with oil-based makeup remover to ensure no residue is left to cause further irritation and damage.

Make Your Eyes Look Younger And Brighter With Best Mascaras For Older Women

Eye makeup is a very important part of face makeup as it defines your eyes. It has been observed that your eyes do a lot of talking for you and your mood. The importance of eye makeup increases as you age.

While you tend to opt for some lighter makeup with age, it is equally important to apply good eye makeup that makes your eyes more attractive.

Good eye makeup combined with other makeup essentials can make you look young and attractive. Mascara is one key makeup essential for the eye as it makes your eyelashes appear fuller and longer to give your eyes an instant brightness.

Try to use mascara according to your lash type and the way you would like to apply it. Your daily activity will also decide how you would select your mascara. Consider all the factors mentioned here and find out the best suitable mascara to look younger and brighter while you age gracefully.

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