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Leveraged Freedom Chair

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Great on Rough Terrain

The LFC's unique lever drivetrain and rugged frame make it the mountain bike of wheelchairs.

Regular wheelchairs are designed for hospitals not the rough terrain of developing countries. Instead of pushing on the wheels like a regular wheelchair, LFC riders push on levers, which are biomechanically more efficient.

Riders "shift gears" by sliding their hands up and down the levers. Grabbing low on the levers is a "high gear," enabling riders to travel 80% faster than a regular wheelchair on tarmac. Grabbing high on the levers is a "low gear," enabling riders to power over obstacles with 50% more torque than a regular wheelchair. The levers can be removed and stored on the chair, enabling the LFC to be used like a regular wheelchair indoors.

See the LFC in Action

Designed with Wheelchair Riders

Wheelchair riders in developing countries played a critical role in the design of the LFC.

We engaged stakeholders – wheelchair riders, manufacturers, and distributors – at every step of the design process.

Since 2008, we've field tested the LFC on three continents, gathering valuable feedback from wheelchair riders in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Vietnam.

Read What LFC Riders Have to Say

Repairable Anywhere

Wheelchair riders in developing countries already face a lot of obstacles, repairing their wheelchair should not be one of them.

We designed the LFC out of locally available materials. We took advantage of the fact that bicycles, and bicycle shops, are everywhere in the developing world. Every moving part on the chair is a bicycle part, enabling the LFC to be repaired even in remote villages. The LFC frame is made out of mild steel, enabling wheelchair riders to modify the chair to fit their unique needs.

LFC riders around the world have reported that they were able to visit their local bicycle shops to repair punctures, change bearings, and tune-up their chairs.

Providing the LFC

Field testing has shown that LFC riders are able to travel farther and faster than they could with their previous mobility aids over previously impossible terrain.

This enables LFC riders to reach education and employment that would otherwise be inaccessible. This increases independence and improves quality of life.

Like any wheelchair, it's important the LFC is correctly sized and appropriate for its user. We're working with aid organizations, NGOs, and wheelchair distributors to prescribe and provide the LFC. Contact us to learn how you can partner with us to provide LFCs to the people who need them.